Vitamin D3 Benefits and Dosage (2020)

In this video I go over some of the health benefits of Vitamin D3 and some dosage recommendations and guidlines.

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When it comes to Vitamin D supplementation you can get it in either D2 or D3 form. In this video I talk about vitamin d3 because it’s more similar to the type of vitamin d we naturally get from sun exposure, and is generally considered to be more effective than D2.

Vitamin D3 plays a major role in your overall health and wellness, and can have an impact on as many as 2,000 different genes.

Below, I’m going to cover some of the health benefits you may experience if you choose to supplement with Vitamin D3.

1) Bone Health- Vitamin D3 helps regulate and control phosphorus and calcium absorption, which can help improve bone mineral density and overall bone health.

2) Helps Control Insulin- Vitamin D3 stimulates the pancreas and triggers the process to make insulin. This can help to stabilize blood sugar and improve the symptoms of diabetes.

3) Improves Mood- Vitamin D3 helps people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and has also been shown to help reduce the symptoms of clinical depression.

4) Lowers Blood Pressure- Vitamin D3 actively reduces the concentration of renin, an enzyme secreted by the kidneys that has an affect on blood vessels. This can help to lower blood pressure and keep it in a healthier range.

Vitamin D3 Dosage- Recommended intake is 1,000 IU per day, but can be influenced by several other factors including:
– How much Vitamin D you get through your diet
– How much sun exposure you get, with different factors including:
— Where you live geographically
— Time of year
— Time of day
— How much skin is exposed to sunlight

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