The question may even be asked, “Can one be a healthy, chronically ill person

Laminine – Is It Magic?

I was recently introduced to a webpage selling Laminine, also known as ‘The Happy Pill’. In the past I was always curious about new drugs like this one, quick fix methods that get rid of everything bad in your life, simply by swallowing a pill a day. Of course they are all have different claims, and different ingredients but the bottom line is – none of them work.

How Whey Powder Can Help You Recover From The Gym

Protein shakes, powders and supplements can enhance your training and help you get the most out of it. Protein supplements include whey protein, protein powder or a protein shake. They can add many benefits to the body when working out; help you to pump more giving you increased energy and the other benefit, is to help your body recover after a workout.

Soya Protein and Weight Loss

Soya protein is not only a low fat, low Carbohydrate source of whole protein but may also promotes weight loss when compared with other protein sources. In a double blind trial by Professor Forsythe WA named Soy Protein, thyroid regulation and cholesterol metabolism. In the trial some Soya products, which include Soya protein isolate had a positive effect of the thyroid and therefore increasing the metabolic rate in the participants taking the product, whereas no change was found in the group taking the placebo.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Dangers: Can B12 Supplements Help You?

There are three main groups that are at higher risk for vitamin B12 deficiency dangers. They are: 1) persons over the age of 55; 2) the chronically ill; and 3) strict vegetarians that have chosen to not eat any animal products. If you’re in one of these groups, the information in this article is for you. If your doctor has diagnosed a vitamin B12 deficiency, links are provided at the end of this article for you to purchase your necessary B12 supplement from a reputable and reliable supplier.

Fish Oil – Even More Incredible Benefits Than We Ever Imagined

There are so many benefits from using fish oil supplements in our diets. It is one of the most important supplements we include in our daily routines. However, the more research I do the more impressed I am with this supplement that has been a part of my diet since I was a child.

Energy Drink – Is It a Real Energizer?

People often rely on food, drink and medicines to increase the level of energy or stamina in body. Studying at night to do well in exams next day or working overnight to prepare presentation for office meeting- for all reasons, energy drinks have become a quick means to revitalize body. Available in various flavors, many youngsters prefer to have them for to give fast relief to body and mind.

What Are Krill Oil Capsules And Who Can Use Them?

What Are Krill Oil Capsules? Krill are tiny shrimp-like crustaceans which are primarily found in the icy waters of the Antarctic coast. They form the basic food source of seals and penguins and more recently have been found to be an excellent, fairly pollutant free form of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Coenzyme Q10 Supplements For Better Health

You might be wondering if you should be taking a coenzyme Q10 supplement. Being aware of your health is very important, and it can greatly improve the quality of your life. Learn about this important enzyme and the difference it can make in your health.

Things To Watch Out For When Using Omega Fish Oil

Omega fish oil is amongst some of the best sought after health supplements today. This is understood because fish oil contains what are known as omega-3 fatty acids which our bodies do not produce nor can be made to produce.

What Bodybuilding Supplements Work the Best?

This article looks at how to lead a healthy life and have a good diet whilst using bodybuilding supplements and working out with an aim to building muscle. It shows the best foods to be eating and other healthy lifestyle practices.

The Truth About Weight Loss Foods and Macronutrients Revealed

Weight loss is highly exaggerated today in terms of what to eat and which diet to follow. Traditional diets are meant to starve the body and compel you to eat less food. The 80’s saw a lot of such diets that focused on starving the body.

Resveratrol – A Natural Way to Stay Healthy

For those looking at natural methods of staying healthy, one thing to consider as an option if you already haven’t are resveratrol supplements. These supplements are natural and will keep you feeling good for a long time if used right, as they have been shown to have numerous health benefits in those who take them regularly.

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