The Only Vitamins You Actually Need On A Daily Basis

There are plenty of people who take countless multi-vitamins and supplements on a daily basis, and we often find ourselves speculating just how helpful all of that is. Surely they could cut out a few of them, or just change up their diet, and they would see the same results.

The truth is that there are some vitamins that we do need on an everyday basis, but it’s not as many as some people think. Let’s take a look at which ones experts say are truly essential. Here are the only vitamins that you actually need on a daily basis.

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Vitamin A | 0:00
Vitamin E | 1:20
Folate | 1:59
Vitamin C | 2:40
Vitamin B6 | 3:30
Vitamin B12 | 4:18
Vitamin D | 4:57
Calcium | 5:34
Magnesium | 6:22
Iron | 7:07
So, do we need vitamins? | 7:41

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