The MOST Important Vitamins For Eye Health Part 1 – Eye Surgeon Explains (NOT a sponsored video)

What are the most important vitamins to maintain eye health? What are the best foods that contain those vitamins? Do you need to take supplements to maintain your eye health?

This is the first part of a video series covering the most important vitamins to maintain our eye health, the types of foods that will provide those vitamins, and when and what supplements you need to take to maintain eye health.

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This is NOT a sponsored video, the supplements that I review in this video are based on my own clinical experience treating eye diseases, as well as in-depth research about the science behind vitamin supplements.

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Consult with your doctor before taking any high dose vitamin supplements.

✅💧 I•••••••• Recommended xanthophyll and Omega-3 oil supplements ••••••••
1. Nordic natural
2. PRN

✅💧 I•••••••• Recommended multivitamin supplements ••••••••
For women
For men

✅💧 I•••••••• Recommended Omega-3 Oil supplements ••••••••
1. Nordic natural
2. PRN (Vegan option) (consult with your doctor before taking any high dose omega-3 supplements)

✅💧 I•••••••• Recommended OTC Dry Eye Drops ••••••••
For Mild to Moderate Dry Eye Disease
1. Refresh Digital
2. Refresh Reliva
3. Systane Complete (contain propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol)

For Moderate to Severe Dry Eye Disease
1. Refresh Celluvisc
2. Genteal Gel

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Please remember to always consult with your doctor before taking any high dose of vitamin supplements, to make sure that they are safe and right for you.

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Illustration credit: National Eye Institute, community eye health CC license

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