The journal “Cancer Prevention Research” recently reported!

Stop Draining Magnesium From Your Body

We lead a lifestyle that cause us to lose magnesium due to the drinking of excessive coffee(caffeine), alcohol, water pills, chronic stress, overweight and many more. Think about it: when is the last time you had a good dose of seaweeds, nuts and beans? Magnesium is needed by everyone’s body to perform daily body functions.

Successfully Healthy People Know How To Use Bee Pollen For Weight Loss

Bee pollen, weight loss, two words in the same sentence, can bee pollen really help you lose weight? Yes, and it’s a big yes too. Obviously, you won’t miraculously drop pounds over night.

3 Bee Pollen Granule Mistakes That Will Make You Lose Money and Possibly Deteriorate Your Health

Bee pollen granules are considered to be the most freshest type of pollen. It is collected directly from the bee hives and placed into jars. However, not all bee pollen granules are the same, and you maybe over paying for some low quality pollen, and in some cases contaminated pollen.

3 Lessons I Learned From Being A Professional Proof Reader

As you know, knowing the right amount of bee pollen dosage, to take is extremely important. I’m a professional proof reader, and there are lessons you can learn that apply to taking the right amount of bee pollen dosage. Being a proof reader means, paying attention to details, correcting any in consistencies, and following through with the style of the document.

Why Eat Bee Pollen?

There’s a strange new food topping for salads, yogurt, and smoothies everywhere. It’s bee pollen. Gathered by bees and collected by beekeepers, pollen is showing up in health foods and recipes on everything from all natural sugar free yogurt to devil’s food cupcakes covered in frosting.

What Does Bee Pollen Do For You?

I’m sure you have heard of bee pollen and its essential role in the honey making process. But did you know you could supplement bee pollen into your diet for a healthier lifestyle? Bee pollen is increasing in popularity and it’s almost impossible not to see why.

The Medicinal Qualities of Bee Pollen

There’s a lot of hype about bee pollen, lately. Websites and articles tout it as the cure for everything from arthritis and diabetes to weight loss. But how much of these claims are false?

How Do You Collect Bee Pollen

Bee pollen has been creating quite a buzz (excuse the pun) for it’s nutritional value as well as it’s surprising lack of side effects, toxicity, or drug interaction. But where does bee pollen come from? This article explains what bee pollen is, how it is collected, and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of this nutritious all-natural supplement.

Eliminate Seasonal Allergies With the Help of Bee Pollen

You’re sneezing, your nose is stuffy, and you can hardly breathe. You’re not sick, you just have seasonal allergies. But before you go out to the pharmacy and by Reactine or Claritin (or some other drug), why not try a simple 30 day plan for getting rid of your allergies permanently with a natural substance.

Weight Loss Cycle Explained and How You Can Benefit From Bee Pollen

The Weight Loss Cycle is something that all people go through while losing weight or burning fat. Most people think that bee pollen is a magic pill that will make them lose weight instantly. I have news for you.

Do I Need to Supplement Vitamin D?

How much vitamin D do you actually need? What is the optimal intake? This article addresses these questions as well as sources of vitamin D and supplement choices.

Buying Bee Pollen: Are You Buying Bee Pollen the Right Way or the Wrong Way?

There are two ways to buy bee pollen, but only one of those ways will give you increased energy, fat loss, faster muscle recovery from exercise, increased metabolism, better sex drive and longevity. The only things you’ll get from the other way is wasted money or worse pollutant contamination. What do you want?

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