Must Know Data on Vitamins D3 and K2

We’ve learned a lot about the importance of balancing our vitamin D3 and K2 levels. Find out the best form of vitamin K2, what foods contain it naturally, the difference between vitamins K1 and K2 and why taking D3 without K2 can create dangerous health conditions.

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The Medicinal Properties and Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is usually used as an Indian food spice but for thousands of years it has also been used as a natural pain reliever for joint problems. As more research is carried out on the benefits of this spice it is being shown more and more as an anti-oxidant that is also an aid to reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Why Is The Best Iodine Supplement Needed?

The chemical element iodine is much needed by the human body but cannot be produced by it. The only method of obtaining it is through food and food supplements. Food, however, does not contain much iodine unless it has been artificially added during food processing, the way iodized salt is produced.

The Best Adrenal Support Can Change The Life Of A Person

It is unfortunate to know that there is a common disorder called adrenal fatigue that affects thousands of people across the globe and many of them are not aware of it. It is equally unfortunate to know that the condition is not considered to be a medical illness. Alternative medical science accepts this as an illness and they consider various measures of diagnosis and treatment of the same.

Do You Need an Iron Supplement?

Advertisements on television tell us that if we take an iron supplement we will not be tired during the day, we will have more energy, and we will reduce the amount of damage stress does to our body. Iron is an essential element for the human diet, but do you need an Iron supplement?

Pure Asian Garcinia Cambogia

Pure Garcinia Cambogia is an exotic fruit that is native to Indonesia and Africa and it contains a very powerful fat burning compound called Hydroxycitric Acid. It is a very powerful weight loss supplement, but in order to get your body in good shape you need to exercise.

Salmon Oil For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Since time immemorial people have been finding different potions and lotions and therapies to keep their skin soft and supple and their hair silky and lustrous. When the skin is soft and supple, it makes you look younger than your actual age. Many start worrying about wrinkles as the age starts increasing. The skin is exposed to elements due to which the wear and tear process takes place.

The Truth About “Nutrients” That Are in Supplements and Meal Replacements Drinks

I had a friend contact me recently to find out my thoughts on a particular brand of supplement she was thinking of taking. And when I researched it, I uncovered some of the elements, additives and flavours in the supplements that will shock and surprise you. Plus, I’ll expose some of the industry’s tricks when it comes to producing and marketing supplements.

Doping, What Is It and Why Is It Dangerous?

Why, is doping dangerous? This explain why and how it affects you.

Vitamin D – Do You Get Enough in the Winter?

In the heart of winter in Minnesota, I am keenly aware of the lack of vitamin D we are getting from the sun. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that isn’t found naturally in many foods. The body can synthesize vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, but in the winter months our exposure to the outdoors and sunlight decrease (depending on your climate). Supplementation with Vitamin D may be recommended for many whose diet is deficient and exposure to sunlight is minimal.

The Remarkable Benefits Of Omega 3

There have been approximately 20,000 studies performed with regards to the benefits of Omega-3 supplements. As the scientific community continues to uncover new longevity attributes like the reduction of brain shrinkage in the elderly, preventing memory loss, and improving the condition of the inner lining of our blood vessels, they have come to realize how different Omega-3 origins impact the body.

Does Fibre Really Work?

There are multiple colon cleansing supplements. I’ve just completed my monthly treatment with fibre. I like testing nutritional supplements but I always limit my choice to the ones that contain only natural ingredients.

Calcium and Vitamin D – Nutrients That Maintain Bone Health

This article is about Calcium and Vitamin D. What are these nutrients for and why are they important to our diet?

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