Game Changing Nutrition for Vagus Nerve / Tone (Vitamins & Supplements)

This is a step-by-step walkthrough of the vitamins and supplements I use to sustain and maintain a healthy mind and body. This is how I manage my Vagal Tone, and there are simple tools for you to bring into your life.

I talk about diet and the essential vitamins I have used daily to help balance my nervous system.

– Vitamin B12 1000 – 500 MG
– Vitamin B complex
– Vitamin C 500 MG
– Vitamin D 25 MG
– Calcium 150 MG
– Magnesium 300 MG
– Zinc 10 MG
– Tongkat Ail (only testing now; I will talk more about this in future)
– Fadogia (as above)

I have my blood checked once a year to identify any issues. Although I eat a whole food plant-based diet, I have discovered that my mind and body respond best with regular supplements. This may vary for others. As part of my broader health and wellness routine, these changes have increased vagal tone and ended anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD and a multitude of physical conditions, including leaky gut, irritable bowel, adult asthma, sinusitis, migraine, chronic gout, reflux, cramps and general fatigue.

As someone who recovered from the severe trauma of losing my son, I know the importance of finding some ease within the body. I witnessed Joshua’s last breaths, and this image aroused PTSD and severe anxiety and depression.

Accessing the Vagus Nerve and Polyvagal Theory were critical in my recovery. It allowed me to find a little ease whilst in tandem, I built a meditation practice and sought therapy.

This video is recorded live with a group participating in my online course (, where we dive deep into the neuroscience of stress, mindfulness and recovery.

Recovery from whatever loss or stress you have suffered is possible. It does require a desire to do the work and a commitment to show up. Remember to seek help, speak to friends and find a therapist or coach that is right for you.

Hope & Love, Justin.

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