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Uses of Moringa Leaf Powder

There are many plants around the world that have medicinal benefits and one of them is the Moringa Tree. It is called the Miracle Tree because almost every part of it is useful. Moringa leaf powder is particularly potent and has many nutritional benefits.

Astaxanthin and Skin – What Are The Benefits?

Researchers got the idea of using Astaxanthin for skin health from the protecting ability it has for animals and plants. Plants and animals produce this compound to protect themselves from harmful rays of the sun. The same idea can be applied to human skin.

Fish Oil – Exactly What Does It Do For Our Health and Fitness?

I have used fish oil as a supplement since I was a child and my mother gave me an eye dropper full of cod liver oil on a crust of bread every morning. I eat fish, especially salmon, several times a week and I have also continued the use of fish oil through out my life.

TCM and Lingzhi Cracked Spore Supplement – What Are the Benefits?

Lingzhi cracked spore is a popular herbal supplement used by believers of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The most effective form of the supplement is the powder, since it is more readily available to the human body in this form.

Five TCM Supplements That Promote Weight Loss

There are thousands of different supplements and products created to promote weight loss today, but many people are finding that the Western world doesn’t have a satisfactory answer to the obesity epidemic. As the number of weight loss supplements on the market grows and prices for those supplements continue to become more affordable, the rates of obesity continue to rise.

TCM: Alternative Treatment or Mainstream Medicine?

There is some confusion today over the status of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is typically just referred to as TCM. In years past, this form of medicine was considered a form of alternative treatment in the Western world, despite thousands of years of successful use by the people of China.

Sleep Deprivation According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

If you have ever rolled out of bed with the alarm clock feeling as if you just closed your eyes five minutes ago, you know how sleep deprivation can affect your daily life. You may find yourself downing three strong cups of coffee just to wake yourself up to drive to work or drop the kids off at school. You may even be one of many who practically live on energy drinks just to keep their eyes open for a full shift at the office.

Prebiotics Supplements And Balanced Digestive Health Goals

Prebiotics supplements and the quest for a balanced digestive health are related. Some bacteria that thrive in your body may actually contribute to a healthier digestive system. When we think of bacteria, we generally think of the infection-causing kind. But there are some that can be classified as good bacteria. Probiotics are good bacteria that help you to have a balanced digestive health. But these good bacteria, in order to function and do the job of helping digestive clean-up need a fuel source. That’s where prebiotics come in. These type of soluble fiber boost digestive help by supporting probiotics growth.

OPC Factor Is Good For Inflammation

OPC Factor is known for its strong anti-oxidant qualities. It is also reputed to combat inflammation and have many healing effects. Here we are going to take a look at exactly what inflammation is, and how the OPC Factor helps our bodies combat that inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response and an inbuilt strategy of our bodies to try to protect us from harmful or hurtful stimuli. Firstly, inflammation is not an infection, even though an infection would cause inflammation. Without inflammation, our bodies would not be able to heal because destructive conditions or organisms would not be combated.

6 Keys for Buying the Best Fish Oil

If you are new to the world of fish oil supplements, then you undoubtedly have numerous questions. Questions like, what to look for in a fish oil? What dosage to take? Is there a chance of contamination? Will it taste bad?

The Health Benefits of the Rosemary Herb

Rosemary is a well known herb, commonly used in cooking and often used to dress a lamb roast. It is usually associated with Mediterranean cooking but it has a long history of medicinal use as well. Back in the 13th Century, Queen Elizabeth of Hungary was responsible for a tonic called ‘Hungary Water.’ It was an infusion of rosemary with spirits, usually brandy. It has been credited with curing a wide variety of ailments. Rosemary also has the reputation of helping to improve memory and so is used as a symbol at many Remembrance Day celebrations.

Research Well To Choose Effective Slimming Pills

Obesity is on the rise, and the global demand is on for effective, safe slimming pills that work. However, are slimming pills and diet supplements actually effective for the user desperate to lose weight, or, are they nothing more than marketing hype and placebo. In my research and article I advise you to choose wisely.

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